How many investment options do you have?


We have eight different funds available. The default fund is the ‘balanced’ investment profile – the core of which is the Global Investments (up to 85% Shares) Fund. If you want to you can change this after you’ve received your joiner pack. The options we have are:

  • B&CE Global Investments (up to 60% shares) Fund
  • B&CE Global Investments (up to 85% shares) Fund
  • B&CE Global Investments (up to 100% shares) Fund
  • B&CE Annuity Fund
  • B&CE Pre-Retirement Fund
  • B&CE Cash Fund
  • B&CE Ethical Fund
  • B&CE Shariah Fund*

* If you choose to invest in the Shariah Fund you must invest 100% of your funds in the Shariah Fund (you can’t split this investment).

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