Can I pay more than just the minimum into my pension pot?

If your workplace pension is your only source of income when you retire, apart from your State Pension, it’s quite likely that the minimum amounts paid in by you and your employer won’t be enough for a comfortable retirement.

If you can afford to, you could think about saving more. The more you pay in, the more tax relief you could get from the government and the more you could get back when you retire. You can always reduce your pension contributions back to the minimum amounts if your circumstances change.

If you want to increase your pension contributions, please talk to your employer first to see if they can set up the extra payments for you. If your employer can’t do this, then you can make personal contributions to your pension by Direct Debit or by a lump sum payment through your online banking (sometimes called BACS). Visit our webpage on workplace pension contributions for more information about making personal payments into your pension.

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