Can I delay accessing my pension pot?

Yes, if you don’t want to take an income or lump sum from your pension pot – for example, if you’re still working or you have income from elsewhere – you can keep your retirement savings invested with us and make your choices later.

If you carry on working, you can still contribute to your pension, allowing your pension pot to potentially carry on growing. Depending on whether investments go up or down, this means there could be more money available when you decide to take it.

To move your retirement date back with The People’s Pension, log into your account online, via our mobile app or contact us.

You can also defer taking your State Pension and then be eligible to claim more in the future. For example, if you’re eligible to get the full State Pension of £11,502.40 a year, but you put off claiming it for a year, this figure will be increased by an extra 5.8% a year when you start to claim. For more information see:

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