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Where is the Annuity Fund invested?

This fund is invested in a mixture of Gilts (investments issued by the government when they want to raise money) and Corporate Bonds (these are similar to Gilts but issued by large companies when they want to raise money). These funds are aimed at protecting your purchasing power as they tend to move in a similar way to annuity rates.

Annuity Fund

What’s the Annuity Fund?

The B&CE Annuity Fund is a fund that has been available from 6 September 2016. It’s a medium-low risk fund which invests in bonds and gilts. This fund is for those who are thinking of buying a regular retirement income, usually for life (an annuity), with their pension savings when they retire. And want to protect against any falls in the level of annuity rates.

Annuity Fund

How many investment options do you have?

We have eight different funds available. The default fund is the B&CE Global Investments (up to 85% shares). It’s the employee’s responsibility to change this if they want to after they receive their joiner packs. The options we have are:

  • B&CE Global Investments (up to 60% shares) Fund
  • B&CE Global Investments (up to 85% shares) Fund
  • B&CE Global Investments (up to 100% shares) Fund
  • B&CE Annuity Fund
  • B&CE Pre-Retirement Fund
  • B&CE Cash Fund
  • B&CE Ethical Fund
  • B&CE Shariah Fund*


* If employees choose the Shariah Fund they can only choose to invest 100% of their pension contributions in that fund.


Why does the glidepath start so early?

Each of the investment profiles gradually and automatically move your money into more secure investments as you get closer to retirement. This means your money is less likely to suffer a large fall in value just when you want to use it.

The glidepath begins 15 years before your selected retirement age. This allows for a more predictable return, but could also mean that your fund grows less.


What’s the default fund of The People’s Pension?

The default fund is the ‘balanced’ investment profile. New members are automatically placed into the ‘balanced’ investment profile unless they choose otherwise.

The ‘balanced’ investment profile is designed to provide:
– Medium risk
– Potential for long-term growth with some security
– Moves to lower risk investments approaching retirement
– Designed for members who prefer to take some risk but would also like some of their investments to be secure.