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Stay on top of your savings

Unlock your pension potential by topping up your pot with additional payments.

Build your pension pot

The money you regularly pay into your pension is a great way of building up your savings for retirement. But if you can afford to, making extra payments into your pension pot can go a long way to supporting your future plans.

Even small increases going into your pension can make a big difference, helping you to supersize your savings and giving you more money to enjoy later on in life.

Regularly pay more

Small increases in money going into your pension pot can lead to big improvements later in life. If you can afford to, you should think about saving more.

The more you pay in, the more tax relief you may receive, so you could have a larger pot for later life.

Add a one-off payment

Maybe you’ve received a work bonus or an inheritance – it’s good to consider investing it into your pension pot, regardless of how long you’ve got until retirement. 

You have the option to add to your pension pot by making one-off contributions as and when you have any spare money.

Keep track of your savings

Regularly reviewing your pension can show if you’re still on track to meet your future plans. It can also highlight where you may need to make updates to your pension if your personal situation changes.

Personalise your pension in your Online Account
  • View, track and manage your pension savings in your Online Account.
  • Check that your personal details are up-to-date so we can share important information with you.
  • Nominate or update your beneficiaries, so that we know who you’d like your pension savings to go to if you die before taking them. 
Activate your Online Account for the first time Log into your Online Account
Activate your Online Account for the first time Log into your Online Account

Track down your old pensions

If you’ve had other jobs in the past, chances are that you might have lost track of a pension. We can help you to find your lost pension pots – and then combine them into your pot with us so you can keep a better eye on them.

Find out how to track down your old pensions

Combine your pensions

Combining your old pots can unlock your pension potential – helping you build up your savings and manage your pensions all in one place. By combining with us you can benefit from things like a bigger rebate the more you save.

Combine your pensions with us

Get guidance and advice

Making decisions about your pension can be complicated.

Watch out for pension scams

If it seems too good to be true, chances are it is.