Anything that’s law needs to be taken seriously, right?

So we’ve created this podcast to help you understand what you need to do about the increase to the minimum contribution level.

What you need to do changes depending on how your pension scheme is set up. And this podcast will help you start off in the right way.


Here’s the full podcast in writing – so you can read instead of, or as well as, listening…

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Hello and welcome to this podcast from The People’s Pension.

This is the second of three podcasts to answer your questions about the legal requirement to increase the minimum contributions for automatic enrolment.

In this one we’ll answer the question “What do I have to do about the minimum contribution increase?”.

Before we get started, it’s worth remembering that the increase to the ‘total minimum contribution’ for automatic enrolment is law.

So, let’s begin…

If your scheme has been set up on the current minimum contributions, based on ‘qualifying earnings’ and has only one worker group per admin account, then it’s great news – we’ll automatically increase the percentages to the new minimums for you, ready for 6 April.

All you need to do is log in to Online Services to check and confirm that the percentages we’ve applied in your account are correct.

If your scheme has different contribution rates, is not based on qualifying earnings, or has more than one worker group per admin account, then you’ll need to log in to Online Services and change the amounts yourself.

In both cases if you’re using payroll software, then you’ll also need to speak to your payroll software provider to find out how they’ll make sure that you remain compliant.

It’s important that you read through the ‘Increases to minimum contributions’ guide to know more about your responsibilities – you’ll find this guide linked from the podcast homepage.

If you have general questions please visit our Help and support section of the website, but if you have specific questions about your scheme, please give us a call on 01293 586666.

And one last thing...

We have a legal duty to monitor your contributions, so if you don’t meet the new legal minimum contribution level, we may report on them to The Pensions Regulator.

Thanks for listening

We hope you found it useful. If you’re wondering how we can help you with the increase, then listen to our next podcast which is available now.

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