Latest podcasts from The People's Pension

Automatic enrolment has been around for a good while now. So we’re running a series of podcasts to answer your questions.

We’ve gathered the top 5 questions employers like you have asked us about running your workplace pension, and what it can offer your employees in the future.

What happens as my employees approach retirement?

6 November 2017 Duration: 3:25

This is the last in our series of 5 podcasts – we’ll talk about what happens as your employees approach retirement and where they can get guidance and advice.

We know you want to make sure your employees are supported, whether they’ve started accessing their pension savings or not. So we’ll explain what some of their key considerations will be – and how and when we’ll communicate with your employees in the lead-up to their retirement.

Can my employees combine their pension savings?

30 October 2017 Duration: 3:03

The fourth in our series of 5 podcasts – we’ll talk about how employees can move their other pensions to The People’s Pension.

It’s a question that crops up regularly, so we’ll explain how it can be beneficial for them, and help reduce admin for you.

Can I put all pension schemes under one roof?

24 October 2017 Duration: 4:42

The third in our series of 5 podcasts – we’ll cover the reasons why you’d want to consider having some or all of your schemes in one place.

And we’ll explain how you can transfer your other pension schemes to The People’s Pension if you want to.

Literally hundreds of customers have asked us about this in the last year alone.

What is re-enrolment?

17 October 2017 Duration: 4:46

The second in our series of 5 podcasts – this time we’ll cover re-enrolment.

You might not have re-enrolled yet, but you will need to at some point. So, we’ll explain how it works and how we can help you.

So let’s get cracking – what is re-enrolment?

What makes a good pension scheme?

10 October 2017 Duration: 10:56

The first in our series of 5 podcasts – this time we’ll cover one of the most important questions:

‘How do I know if my scheme is run in the best interests of its members and is suitable for all my employees?’

We call this governance.