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Investment fund selection

We package groups of investments into funds that are typically a mixture of shares from around the world and bonds and gilts. The exact make-up of a member’s investment depends on which fund (or investment profile) they are in and may depend on their age.

For those with more confidence in investing, rather than choosing one of our 3 investment profiles (or remaining in our default investment profile) – members can decide for themselves where their pension savings are invested if they want to, by choosing from our investment funds.

We classify our investment funds by risk – so that members can see which of them have the potential for higher returns, and which of them may remain more stable.

Members can specify what percentage they want to put in each fund (except the Shariah Fund, which has to be all in).

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How to self-select from our investment funds

If you want to decide for yourself where your pension savings are invested, you can choose from our investment funds through your Online Account…


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If you choose your funds yourself, your money won’t automatically move into lower-risk investments as you approach retirement. That means you’ll need to make sure you regularly review the funds you’ve selected (and your attitude to investment risk) as you near retirement.

Alternatively, you could pick from one of our 3 investment profiles.

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Investment fund make-up and performance

Our fund factsheets set out:

  • the aims and objectives of the fund
  • where money is invested under the fund
  • recent fund performance, pricing and market commentary.


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