Worker Group

When setting up the employer’s account, a ‘worker group’ is where you can create different contribution rates and earnings bases for different groups of employees. It’s possible to set up any number of worker groups, using different earnings bases and/or contribution rates for different groups of the workforce, as may be required. For example, a separate worker group could be set up for any senior management staff contributing a higher percentage of their salary into their pension, compared to other workers.

A minimum of one worker group must be included in every Admin Account and it should have a specific worker group identifier and description, to differentiate it from any other worker groups being used. The worker group identifier will need to be included in the appropriate column of the file being uploaded to the Admin Account, to ensure the correct contributions are reflected in the joiner packs sent to members.

Once the worker group has been set up, the Admin Account contact will be able to edit the contribution rates and set up additional worker groups at any time in the future, as may be required.


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