Who refunds my money once I’ve opted out?

When you opt out of contributing to your pension in the first calendar month, you’re entitled to a refund of your own contributions.

Who refunds your money?

After we receive your request, we let your employer know the date they should stop taking pension contributions from you. As they’re responsible for deducting these directly from your salary, it’s also their responsibility to stop taking contributions from you.

When should you receive a refund

Your employer usually has 1 month from the date you opt out, to process a refund of any contributions you’ve made. If they’ve already closed their payroll for the month when they’re notified of your opt-out request, they can choose to do this the next time they process employees’ pension and salaries. This is a refund of your own contributions and doesn’t include tax relief or contributions from your employer.

Please speak to your employer directly to see when they’ll action your request and issue you with a refund.



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