What’s self-select?


This option allows you to choose (self-select) your own funds There are eight investment funds to choose from:

  • B&CE Global Investments (up to 60% shares) Fund
  • B&CE Global Investments (up to 85% shares) Fund
  • B&CE Global Investments (up to 100% shares) Fund
  • B&CE Annuity Fund
  • B&CE Pre-Retirement Fund
  • B&CE Cash Fund
  • B&CE Ethical Fund
  • B&CE Shariah Fund

If you choose one or more of the self-select funds, you’ll be responsible for managing how much is invested in each of the selected funds. The self-select option doesn’t include a glidepath into lower risk investments as you approach retirement. Therefore, you may want to consider regularly reviewing your fund selection – and your attitude to risk – the closer you are to your selected retirement age.

Please note that if you choose to invest in the Shariah Fund, you’ll only be able to invest in this particular fund.

You can of course switch to an investment profile at any time, which will put you on an automatic glidepath.

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