What aren’t I allowed to do in relation to auto-enrolment?

The auto-enrolment obligations are set out in legislation and The Pensions Regulator is responsible for ensuring compliance with the rules. So to make sure you’re not breaking the law, it’s a good idea to make yourself aware of the main things you mustn’t do.
You mustn’t:
– Encourage employees to opt out or give up active membership of the pension scheme – this is known as ‘inducement’
– Coerce employees to opt out of the pension scheme
– Discriminate against employees seeking to join a pension scheme
– Take or fail to take any action that leads to an eligible employee ceasing to be an active member of a qualifying scheme, or that results in the pension scheme, of which they are a member, ceasing to be a qualifying scheme.
– Operate prohibited recruitment where a job applicant’s success of getting the job depends on whether or not they opt out.


The Pensions Regulator website has more information to help you comply with the legislation.

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