What investments and funds are available to me?


There are three investment profiles that you can choose from in The People’s Pension scheme:

– ‘balanced’ investment profile (also referred to as the default option)
– ‘cautious’ investment profile
– ‘adventurous’ investment profile

New members are automatically placed into the ‘balanced’ investment profile unless they choose otherwise. For members who don’t wish to select one of the three investment profiles, they can self-select from eight investment funds:

  • B&CE Global Investments (up to 60% shares) Fund
  • B&CE Global Investments (up to 85% shares) Fund
  • B&CE Global Investments (up to 100% shares) Fund
  • B&CE Annuity Fund
  • B&CE Pre-Retirement Fund
  • B&CE Cash Fund
  • B&CE Ethical Fund
  • B&CE Shariah Fund*

* If you choose to invest in the Shariah Fund you must invest 100% of your funds in the Shariah Fund (you can’t split this investment).

Members can choose from the scheme’s fund range themselves and for self-select, the funds will not be automatically switched into lower risk funds approaching retirement. They can be moved between the investment funds only at the member’s request.



The fund factsheets for each of the eight investment funds can be found in prodtpp.wpengine.com/resource-library/.

For more information on our funds see thepeoplespension.co.uk/investments/#our-investment-funds/.

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