What impact will Brexit have on my pension savings?


Following the result of the EU referendum there has been some volatility in the financial markets.

The People’s Pension has a wide range of investment funds. These funds invest in a number of different types of assets including cash, fixed interest and shares in companies that are invested in the stock market. This means the value of your pension savings can go down as well as up, as it may be linked to the performance of the stock market.

Saving for retirement in a pension scheme is a long-term investment. Stock market values always move up and down, especially over the short term. So although sudden movements can be dramatic.

You can monitor the daily unit prices on our website.

If you’re planning on accessing your pension savings in the near future you should take extra care. Choosing what to do with your pension savings is an important decision – consider getting some guidance or advice.

Read the Association of British Insurers’ advice to customers after EU referendum vote

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