What do I do at my staging date?

At your staging date you’ll need to have a qualifying scheme in place. Your staging date is when the legal duties obliging you to enrol some or all of your workers into a qualifying pension scheme begin. The staging date is based on the number of people in an employer’s largest PAYE scheme as at April 2012, even if not every worker in that PAYE scheme belongs to that employer. If you’ve employees in more than one PAYE scheme, you’ll need to enter the details of each PAYE scheme into the tool. Your staging date will be the date that’s earliest. This will be the case even if the majority of your employees aren’t in that PAYE scheme.

At your staging date you’ll need to contact all of your employees and tell them what’s happening. It’s a legal requirement to tell them within six weeks from your staging date:
– how automatic enrolment affects them;
– their rights; and
– whether you’re delaying working out who to put into a pension scheme.

This communication from the employer to employees is called the ‘notice’.


For more information on how to find out your staging date see The Pensions Regulator.

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