Do you accept pension contributions for employees over 75, and how do I submit these on my data file?

Auto-enrolment doesn’t apply to workers aged 75 or over. The tax relief benefits of saving into a pension scheme stop at age 75. You shouldn’t continue or start taking pension contributions for these employees unless they’ve agreed to this.

But we can accept contributions for these employees if they’d like.

File errors

You may see a file error during the upload process when you try to submit contributions for an employee who is over 75. For example:

“Employee is aged 75 or over and has contributions on the file”

This will happen if you’ve submitted contributions for an employee that is now 75 or over. To overcome this, change the auto-enrolment status within your data file to ‘Not Applicable’. We should then be able to accept these contributions. You should not include a date in the AE date, Scheme date or Join date columns of your file for this employee.

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