I’ve tried to set up an Online Account but keep getting told my details don’t match my customer number?

It’s likely that we hold different information to the details you’re inputting. It could be that we have an incorrect date of birth or address for you on file, or just incorrect information sent by your employer.

How to fix this

You’ll need to confirm the details you’re entering including your full name, date of birth, customer number and National Insurance number by emailing these details via our secure link, and filling out the enquiry form on our contact us webpage.

If we find the details we hold are incorrect, we might need to see proof of your correct details before we’re able to update our records.

If you need help setting up or resetting your Online Account, watch our video:

We’ll never contact you out of the blue to ask for any of your personal or account information, such as your password or sign in details.

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