If I leave the UK can I continue paying into my pension pot?


Yes, you can receive tax relief on contributions up to £3,600 a year for five tax years after moving abroad.

This is because the availability of tax relief from UK income tax on an individual’s contributions to a registered pension scheme is dependent on there being a relevant UK individual during a tax year. An individual will be a relevant UK individual for a tax year if they have relevant UK earnings chargeable to UK income tax or (amongst other alternatives) they were tax resident in the UK both at some time during the five tax years immediately before that year and when they became a member of the pension scheme.

It’s important you inform us of your circumstances so that we know when to stop adding tax relief to your pot.  Please note these contributions must come from a UK bank account.

Please note that the pension schemes located in one EU (or EEA) state (the home state) need to apply for authorisation and approval to accept contributions from members who are subject to the social and labour law of another EU state (the host state) unless they have been seconded.




The People’s Pension is not compatible with regulations in the other EU states, which means The People’s Pension is not authorised and approved to accept contributions in respect of European members unless they are on secondment.  Under Rule 7.2 of The People’s Pension, where a member who becomes subject to the cross border regulations is deemed to have left membership on the day before they became subject to them.  The admission policy is designed to prevent The People’s Pension becoming subject to the cross border regulations.

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