I work in construction – will I be charged?

Our founder, B&CE, is fully committed to the construction industry. If you’re an existing B&CE customer (e.g. you’ve one of B&CE’s products such as EAC, ELC etc.) you won’t be charged to sign up to The People’s Pension.

If you aren’t an existing B&CE customer and are signing up for The People’s Pension the first time then there’ll be a one-off set-up charge. The set-up charge is £500 plus VAT for employers who engage directly with The People’s Pension. There’s a reduced charge of £300 plus VAT for employers who come to The People’s Pension through an intermediary or adviser recommendation (i.e. from a financial adviser or business adviser such as an accountant, bookkeeper or payroll professional) or construction federation.

In recognition of our long and proud history of supplying financial benefits to the construction sector, we’ve set up a number of online microsites (small websites) with the leading construction federations. If you sign up to The People’s Pension through one of those microsites or approach your federation directly, you’ll receive the reduced rate of £300 plus VAT.

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