I have other pension pots with previous employers, how do I check these?

If you’ve pension pots with other providers, you should contact them to find out more about the pension pot you have with them.

If you need help tracking down your lost pensions, you can use the Pension Tracing Service.

Once you’ve found all your pensions…

You could bring them all together into one pension pot with The People’s Pension. There’s no charge from us and it could make keeping track of them a whole lot easier. You should also check if your existing pension provider charges to transfer.

The Pensions Dashboard

The government’s plan to introduce a Pension Dashboard in the future will help pension savers manage  their pensions from one secure place. Once it’s ready, the Pensions Dashboard will show you the pensions you have, the amount you’ve saved in each and the contact details for those pension providers.

Could you have other pensions that you didn’t know about?

Visit our webpage to discover how to find a lost pension.

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