How do I know what auto-enrolment (AE) status my employees are?

Certain employees have to be put into a workplace pension, and you have to pay contributions into their pension pots.

Many of your employees may need to be auto-enrolled, depending on:

  • their age
  • their earnings
  • whether they are working, or ordinarily working, in the UK.

For example, an employee is eligible if they’re between 22 and State Pension Age and earning over £10,000 a year/£833 a month/£192 a week. And other employees can ask to join too. Find out more about the different auto-enrolment status on our website.

You can use your payroll software or our online tools to work out the details of who must be put into the pension scheme automatically.

Most payroll software works it out for you

Check with your payroll provider to make sure, but potentially all you’ll need to do is pass us the details each pay period.

Or we can help you work it out

Using our assessment tool on your Online Services account, we can help you work out which employees you need to make contributions for, and how much you should pay in.

If you don’t use payroll at all, you may be able to manually enter your employee data in your Online Services account.

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