File upload

This is the online process used to provide The People’s Pension with details of the employees joining, or being enrolled into, the Scheme along with employees already in the Scheme and the amount of contributions to be paid. This should also include any employees who’ve opted in or joined the Scheme.

The employee data will usually be uploaded to the Admin Account by the Admin Account contact, or another party who has been granted access to the Admin Account, for example, a payroll bureau used by the employer, or their accountant.

The Admin Account contacts should ensure they’re familiar with the file upload process, outlined in the File Upload Guide and the file data requirements. Further useful guides are available from The People’s Pension resource library.

The Admin Account contacts can also run the system in Training Mode beforehand to familiarise themselves with the process of uploading data.


For a list of our more commonly used terms and phrases please refer to our Glossary.

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