Do you have any online tools that can help me when I decide to access my pension pot?

We want to make sure you get every opportunity to make the right financial decision for you, wherever you are in your retirement planning.

This is why we’ve online calculators to help you work out how much money you’ll need to enjoy your retirement. A quick check can be really helpful, whether you’re approaching retirement age now or it’s some way off.

Use our life expectancy calculator to check how many years you might spend in retirement. Then you can work out how much pension money you may need.

Once you know how many years you may be in retirement for, you can work out how much you need to pay into your pension now, to last you in later life.

Our future budget calculator can give you a good idea of:

  • your likely retirement costs
  • whether you need to save more pension money – and if so, how much.


Take a look at the additional guidance and advice options we now offer our members (that includes you!) – simply click The People’s Pension ‘Your retirement’.

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