How do B&CE, provider of The People’s Pension, look after our data?

We recently updated our Privacy notice and will be sending this to all our customers. Both you and your employees will receive a copy. It explains all you need to know about how we capture, process, store and dispose of data. You can also take a look at this on our website »

B&CE has robust cyber security measures in place, which we regularly review to keep up-to-date with current cyber security threats. Our systems and procedures follow UK, EU and globally accepted standards. The information we collect from our customers is stored on secure servers based both in the UK and the EU. If you’d like more information on this, take a look at pages 39 and 40 of our AAF Assurance Report »

If you’re a business and you need help preparing for GDPR, see The Information Commissioner’s website »

Or if you’re a member, there’s some handy information from the European Union »

As all businesses need to use data in different ways, you should seek your own independent advice.

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