Missed your automatic enrolment date?

Ideally employers should set up a workplace pension scheme before the start date of their automatic enrolment duties – as this is The Pensions Regulator’s deadline for starting automatic enrolment. But don’t worry, it’s not too late!

We can help

In a few simple steps we can help you set up a compliant workplace pension scheme. It’s important to act now, as The Pensions Regulator can hand out heavy fines to employers that don’t comply with the law.

Good news…

If your staging/duties start date was less than 6 weeks ago, it may be possible to postpone for up to 3 months. Be quick though, as the company’s employees need to be told about the postponement within 6 weeks of your staging date. Want to use our template communication?

Here’s how to catch up

1st: get set up as quickly as possible

  • If you’re within 6 weeks of your staging/duties start date, our Simply Tailor set-up route allows some duties to be postponed.
  • If you’re 6 weeks or more past your staging/duties start date, the quickest and simplest way is to use our Simply Comply set-up route, or you can use Simply Tailor for a more tailored set-up.

Not sure which route to choose?

Ready to sign up?

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2nd: contact The Pensions Regulator

You need to let The Pensions Regulator know that we’ll be providing a pension scheme for the business you’re signing up. Give them a call on 0345 600 1011, and have the company’s PAYE reference number to hand.

  • The Pensions Regulator fines businesses who don’t meet their legal duties, like missing their staging/duties start date.
  • They treat each case differently though, so getting in touch quickly may help.

3rd: communicate with employees

We have template letters for this – one for our Simply Tailor sign-up and one for our Simply Comply sign-up.

Download one of our templates

4th: get up to date

The Pensions Regulator will ask for any missed pension contributions to be backdated to the missed staging/duties start date. Need help? Just give us a call on 01293 586666 and select option 2.

Not sure how automatic enrolment works?

Download our quick guide: Are automatic enrolment pensions alien to you?
Or read about our complete pension solution for small businesses

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