How to complete automatic re-enrolment

Every three years you have to assess certain employees who have ceased active membership in The People’s Pension or reduced the level of contributions to below the minimum level. From this you can work out who you need to re-enrol.

Who has to be re-enrolled?

You need to re-enrol certain employees who were previously automatically enrolled, including those who over a year before your re-enrolment date:

  • stopped saving into an automatic enrolment pension scheme – either because they opted out or they voluntarily ceased active membership
  • stayed in your pension scheme but have chosen to reduce the level of pension contributions to below the minimum level

and who meet the age and earnings criteria to be re-enrolled.

From these employees you need to check who’s currently eligible for automatic enrolment – and therefore now needs to be re-enrolled into The People’s Pension.

You may not need to re-enrol all of these employees though – there are certain requirements and some exceptions. Visit The Pensions Regulator for more information.

When do you re-enrol them?

Automatic re-enrolment happens roughly every three years from the date your automatic enrolment duties started.

You’ll have to choose one specific date within a six month window. This window centres around the three year anniversary of your automatic enrolment staging date or duties start date.


When do you re-declare your compliance?

You’ll have to re-declare your compliance with The Pensions Regulator within five calendar months of the 3-year anniversary of your staging date or duties start date.

Even if you don’t have any employees to re-enrol, you’ll still need to re-declare your compliance to show you’ve followed the re-enrolment regulations.

Re-declare your compliance with The Pensions Regulator

Did you use contractual enrolment rather than automatic enrolment? Some employers chose to put all their employees into a pension scheme to keep things simple – rather than having to work out who needs to be put in and who doesn’t. If that includes you, please note, the automatic re-enrolment process still applies to you.

Your step-by-step guide to automatic re-enrolment

Take a look at our step-by-step re-enrolment guide for details on how the process works.

You can also download or print our pdf guide:
Automatic re-enrolment: the 3-year cycle .pdf
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