Move workplace pension scheme with ease

Are you happy with your current workplace pension provider? We’re guessing you might not be if you’re reading this. Quite a lot of employers have told us they’re fed up with poor administration elsewhere. Good news! The People’s Pension is here to help. And we’re happy to work with your existing adviser (if you have one) as much or as little as you and they like.

Why choose us as your workplace pension provider?

High-quality administration is important to us

High-quality administration makes the difference between workplace pensions being hassle free on one hand, and a bit of a pain on the other. Now for the good news. We’ve won awards for how well The People’s Pension is run. So there’ll be no pain (just gain) with us. We’re easy to do business with – our people are friendly and approachable, and our systems are designed to keep it simple.

We’ve won lots of awards for what we do

This is a reflection of the high quality of our products and services. Our awards include a Defaqto 5 Star Rating for Workplace Pensions. Not all workplace pensions have that. And we’ve won awards for our customer service that go way beyond financial services.

Moving to us is simple

We make the move simple – and do our best to keep it that way after the move. We’ll do everything we can to make it as easy as possible to transfer to our scheme and we have a dedicated implementation team.

People come before profit

We are – after all- run by a not-for-profit company. That means we can focus on people, not profit.

We’ve got over 3 million members

The People’s Pension has more than 3 million members. Tens of thousands of businesses, large and small, have chosen us as their workplace pension scheme. Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what one of our customers told us about their move to The People’s Pension:

“We really appreciate all the support you gave us during our transition to The People’s Pension. You went out of your way to ensure it all went as smoothly and as stress-free as possible.”

Simon Wilson, Roadchef

You’re in safe hands

We’re a master trust. That means we have a board of independant trustee directors – there to put members first. We were the first master trust to seek independent assurance of scheme quality.

Our long history means we know our business

The People’s Pension is run by B&CE, a not-for-profit organisation with a long history. B&CE has been providing employee benefits for more than 70 years, and workplace pensions for more than 30 years. So we know pensions.


Moving to The People’s Pension is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

Whatever the reason for your move – poor administration at the hands of another provider or a more strategic change – we’ll be sure to handle it with care.

Experience tells us that no move is the same as the next. And because we know you can’t put people into boxes, we have a dedicated implementation team on hand.

Our transfer process is nice and simple. And that applies whether your current scheme is trust-based (like The People’s Pension) or contract-based. While it might take a few months to tick all the boxes and get all your employees transferred across, we’ll do all we can to make your move to The People’s Pension as easy as possible.

Here’s how it all works:

Prepare to move

  • Work out (and tell us) your needs and requirements.
  • Decide if switching to The People’s Pension is the right move for you.
  • Complete some online forms (don’t worry, they’re short) so we can get you set up.
  • Let your old pension provider know you’re moving on.
  • Let your employees know that you’re changing workplace pension provider (don’t worry, we’ll help you with that).

Moving made easy

  • We’ll set up your new workplace pension with us.
  • We’ll give you a timeline to tell you what will happen and when.
  • Our dedicated implementation team will oversee your move.

Home sweet home

  • Move complete (and no van required!).
  • We’ll send your employees their joiner information.
  • And we’ll point you to our online communications toolkit. It’s got everything you need to talk to your employees about their pensions.


Get in touch

Whether you want to start your move to The People’s Pension today, or you just want to have a chat and find out a bit more, we’d love to hear from you…
Email us at »
Or call us on: 01293 586643


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