What your employees need to know

You have to let all your employees know what’s happening with your pension scheme. If you’re using The People’s Pension, you can use our templates.

Your communications

What you have to tell them

When you reach your staging date you’ll need to write to all of your employees. This has to be a letter or email telling them about your pension scheme – and you’ll have to provide it within six weeks of your staging date.

You can use one of our templates if you’d like. One’s ideal if you signed up with our Simply Comply route, and the other if you used our Simply Tailor route.

Staging date template letter – Simply Comply .doc

Staging date template letter – Simply Tailor .doc

Or, if you’re going to delay working out who to put into a pension scheme, you can use our postponement template:

Postponement staging date template letter – Simply Tailor .doc

Other things you can tell them

We also have optional messages you can provide to your employees to give them a bit more information about automatic enrolment.

Put posters up around the office .pdf

Add notes about automatic enrolment to your payslips .pdf

Send them a link to the employee area of our website »

Our communications

Whichever of your employees become members of The People’s Pension, we’ll keep in touch with them to keep them up to date with their pension savings. We’ll send them new joiner information and annual updates of their pension savings.

Some payroll providers offer to send communications too, though you can ask them to skip these if you’d like to keep it simple.

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