Moving from EasyBuild to
The People's Pension

A warm welcome to our EasyBuild-ers

About the transfer – for employers

Both EasyBuild and The People’s Pension are workplace pension schemes provided by B&CE.

We’ve decided to refine the number of pension arrangements we offer. So in future you’ll only be able to use B&CE as your workplace pension provider through The People’s Pension.

In case you’re wondering, B&CE’s Employee Accident and Life Cover won’t be affected – it’s just our EasyBuild pension scheme we’re closing and moving everyone over to The People’s Pension instead.

Benefits of moving to The People’s Pension

The People’s Pension currently has over 3 million members and assets of over £1.7 billion. Tens of thousands of businesses have chosen it to automatically enrol their employees in line with the automatic enrolment requirements that came in from 2012.

Comply with automatic enrolment

Unlike EasyBuild, The People’s Pension can be used as an automatic enrolment scheme so you can comply with your automatic enrolment duties.

Once you reach your automatic enrolment staging date, we’ll support you to make sure you comply with your responsibilities.

If you haven’t heard about automatic enrolment yet, you will do soon – all employers have to meet the legal requirements.

Learn about automatic enrolment and how it affects you »

You can check your staging date on The Pensions Regulator website »

Better for your employees

Offering membership of The People’s Pension and transferring EasyBuild pension savings to The People’s Pension, is in the interests of EasyBuild members because it means…

The transfer has the support of the EasyBuild Independent Governance Committee. And we’ve consulted the Construction Industry Joint Council.


What you need to do

If you’re happy for The People’s Pension to be used as your chosen workplace pension scheme, and to continue making contributions but to The People’s Pension instead of EasyBuild, there’s a few things we’ll need you to do:

Settle your EasyBuild account

Make sure your account is up to date and any August payments settled by 22 September 2017.

Tell your employees

You’ll need to write to your employees before 1 September 2017 to tell them that in future, contributions will be made to The People’s Pension instead of EasyBuild.

Use our sample letter if you want

We’ve created a sample letter template to help you tell your employees about the transfer from EasyBuild to The People’s Pension. Just fill in your employees’ details and send it out to them before 1 September 2017.

Depending on any contractual arrangements you have with your employees, you may want to seek expert advice on whether you need to change the letter to suit your circumstances.

Download a sample letter pdf to adapt for your employees »

Or you can download a Word Document version of our sample letter »


We’ll tell them too – find out what we’re saying and what happens next »

Return your deed of participation

To join The People’s Pension, you need to complete and return the deed we sent you along with your letter (if you haven’t already signed up to use The People’s Pension). And you’ll need to complete and return this Direct Debit mandate form.

Important regulatory considerations

You’ll also need to get to grips with the important regulatory considerations of the move from EasyBuild to The People’s Pension.

It’s important that you read about the regulations that protect your employees’ savings and how they’re affected by the transfer. So make yourself a cup of tea, find a comfy chair and settle down for a good read…

Download our Regulatory regime and member protection .pdf »

Or, if you don’t wish to make the switch to The People’s Pension…

  • You’ll need to tell us if you don’t wish to make the switch to The People’s Pension within 2 months of the date of the letter we sent you.
  • You’ll then have to make alternative arrangements for pension provision for your employees, as you can’t continue to make contributions to EasyBuild on or after 1 September 2017.
  • Your employees will still have the option to transfer their existing EasyBuild pension savings to The People’s Pension.

Want to know more about The People’s Pension?

You may want to explore our webpages and get to know The People’s Pension before you make the move from EasyBuild.

Learn more about The People’s Pension »

If you still have questions, you could find the answers via our online help and support, or you can get in touch.

Your employees may want to take independent financial advice on the impact of the transfer or about their options at retirement. They can use Unbiased to help find a local adviser. Advisers may charge for any help or advice they give.


Haven’t seen a letter from us and think you should have?

If you offer an EasyBuild pension scheme to your employees, and you haven’t yet received a letter about the move from EasyBuild to The People’s Pension, please contact us.

phone number 01293 586666

email address

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