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lv-logo-slateWe’ve teamed up with LV= to offer additional guidance and advice options for our members approaching retirement.

Providing financial stability to its customers since 1843, LV= shares our aim to help people get the most from their pension savings. So wherever you are in your retirement planning, LV= can help.

Calculate your retirement income options

Maybe you’ve done some of your own research (always a good thing) and you’ve spoken to Pension Wise, but still feel unsure of which option is best for you.

Why not try the LV=Retirement Wizard retirement income calculator for an overview of your options. All you need to do is provide a bit of information about you, your pension savings and your retirement needs. The LV=Retirement Wizard will then carry out some calculations based on your personal circumstances to give you an idea of what your retirement might look like.

What’s included?

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Your personalised retirement income options overview

Key things to consider when planning your retirement

An in-depth free guide to the advantages and disadvantages of your options

And if you’d like a copy of your free Retirement Options Guide, so you can digest the detail in your own time, simply provide your email address.



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Professional online advice

If you’d like some expert advice – from the comfort of your own home and in your own time – about accessing your pension savings, you can try the LV=Retirement Wizard online advice service.
LV=Retirement WizardThe service provides what’s called restricted advice, using fixed-term annuity and drawdown solutions from a panel of leading annuity providers covering around 99% of the market.

LV=’s expert financial advisers can also save you time by doing the research for you. They will guide you through the often complicated application process so you can enjoy the peace of mind and reassurance that comes from making the right financial choices.

It could be for you if you’re within three months of wanting to access your pension savings and have a pot size over £15,000.

How much?

The online advice service, plus telephone support from professional, UK-based financial advisers if you need it, costs just £49 – a saving of £150 on the normal price. If you would like to implement any of the recommendations, this will incur an additional cost.

What you’ll need to hand

To help LV= understand your circumstances, and help you get the most from your pension savings, there’s a few things it would be handy to have ready before you get started with the online advice service…

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