Looking ahead to your retirement?

Starting to plan can make a big difference

Your retirement

It might be years away, it might be just around the corner – but planning how to take your pension savings will take a bit of thought. And you’ll probably want to get some help with your decision…

What steps should you take to help you choose between all of your options? Who can help?

There’s lots of places you can go for guidance and advice, starting with Pension Wise. Plus, we’ve teamed up with retirement specialist LV= to offer our members FREE online guidance and low-cost online advice. Find out more »


Retirement countdown

4_Milestones_SimpleKicking off 15 years before you plan to retire, our timeline shows what you need to do and when you need to do it.

Check the retirement countdown timeline »

Our investment approach

We package groups of investments into funds. You can choose between these if you’d like to decide for yourself where your pension savings are invested. Or you can pick from one of our 3 investment profiles.

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