What happens to my money?

The People’s Pension allows you to choose from a range of investment options. Investing your money means it has a better chance of increasing in value than a savings account over the long term.

You can either choose your own funds or leave it to us.

Investing your pension
Read about your investment choices – ‘balanced’, ‘cautious’, ‘adventurous’ – or you can look at the self-select funds. You can view fund fact sheets here too.

Important: If you don’t feel confident making a choice, contributions to your personal account will automatically be invested in the ‘balanced’ investment profile.

Unless your employer has selected a retirement age for you, we’ll assume that you’ll take your pension savings at your State Pension Age (SPA). If your SPA includes a number of months, the retirement age we hold will be your birthday before your SPA. For example, if your SPA is 66 and 3 months, the retirement age we hold for you will be 66.

Find out your State Pension age

However, you can change your retirement age with The People’s Pension if you wish, just log into your Online Account.

It’s worth reviewing your options on a regular basis to check they meet your requirements. To make your investment choice, or to change the investment of your personal account, log on to your Online Account.

Investment risk and investment return tend to be linked. Usually the higher the potential investment return, the greater the investment risk. However, past performance is not a guarantee of, or guide to, future performance. The value of your pension fund can go down as well as up and the final value may be less than the amount you’ve paid in.

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