Our investment profiles

Investment profiles bring together groups of investments with different levels of risk. There are 3 to choose from with The People’s Pension.

A choice of investment profiles

You have a choice for how we invest your pension savings. And we’ve got 3 simple investment profiles you can pick from: ‘balanced’, ‘cautious’ and ‘adventurous’. Just go to your Online Account when you’re ready and pick the one you feel suits you best.

Remember, the greater the risk, the more likely the investment is to go up and down in value over a short space of time – this is called volatility.

If you don’t make a choice, we’ll automatically invest your money in our ‘balanced’ investment profile (we also call this our default investment profile) – more on this below.

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Choose your investment profile

For members who…

Take a look at:

…are prepared to accept some risk but would also like some of their investments to be secure. There is potential for long-term growth with some security.

…are prepared to accept some degree of risk, but look for investments with lower-risk and volatility. There is potential for moderate growth over the long term.

…are prepared to accept more risk for the potential of increased growth and look for investments with more risk and volatility. There is potential to maximise growth over the long term.

If you leave it to us!

If you don’t choose an investment profile (or you’d rather leave it to us), we’ll automatically invest your money in our ‘balanced’ investment profile.

No matter what you decide, you can always change your mind in the future and choose a different profile or, for those with more confidence in investing, choose your funds yourself (more on this above). You can do all this in your Online Account.

Need to know

Investment risk and investment return tend to be linked. Usually the higher the potential investment return, the greater the investment risks.

Remember also, the past performance of investments doesn’t guarantee or act as a guide to future performance.

Your pension savings as you approach retirement

We have a neat way of safeguarding your pension savings as you get closer to retirement. It’s a gradual and automatic process called a ‘glidepath’ and here’s how it works.

Each of the investment profiles gradually and automatically moves your pension savings into lower-risk investments as you get closer to retirement. This means they are less likely to suffer a large fall in value just when you want to use them.

Important: The glidepath should result in a more predictable return, but could also mean that your fund grows less.



The glidepath normally begins 15 years before your selected retirement age (SRA). So, if you plan to retire at 65, we’ll start switching your investments when you’re 50.

You can review and change your selected retirement age in your Online Account. But it’s important you know that doing this could affect where your pension savings are invested by moving them back or forward on the glidepath and into higher or lower-risk investments.

How we move your pension savings

As you approach retirement we will move your pension savings from one fund to the other on the following basis:

Years from SRA B&CE Global Investments Pre-Retirement Fund Years from SRA B&CE Global Investments Pre-Retirement Fund
-15 93.75% 6.25% -7 43.75% 56.25%
-14 87.50% 12.50% -6 37.50% 62.50%
-13 81.25% 18.75% -5 31.25% 68.75%
-12 75% 25% -4 25% 75%
-11 68.75% 31.25% -3 16.67% 83.33%
-10 62.50% 37.50% -2 8.34% 91.66%
-9 56.25% 43.75% -1 0.00% 100%
-8 50% 50% 0 0.00% 100%


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