Investing your pension

When you save for the long term, like you do with your pension, we invest your money as this gives it a better chance of being worth more in the long run.

Investing simply means that rather than putting it into a bank account, your money buys investments, like stocks and shares.

Choose from our investment funds

Each fund has a different level of risk and you can decide how much of your money you want to put in each fund.

Our investment funds »

3 investment profiles

You can invest your money in one of our investment profiles – ‘balanced‘, ‘cautious‘ and ‘adventurous‘.

We automatically invest your money in the ‘balanced’ investment profile (we also call this our default investment profile), unless you tell us otherwise.

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Social, environmental and ethical investment

B&CE as a not for profit company and the Trustee of The Peoples Pension take the Social, Environmental and Ethical Investment very seriously. When choosing investment managers to partner with we ensured that the managers were a signatory to the United Nations Principles on Responsible Investment and comply with the UK Stewardship Code.

The Trustee of the scheme has access to regular reports from our core investment managers State Street Global Advisors on how they vote and engage with the companies we invest in through them.

Proxy voting and engagement

State Street Global Advisors has detailed UK Proxy Voting and Engagement guidelines that address many areas including:

  • Board structure
  • Audit related Issues
  • Capital structure
  • Remuneration
  • Environmental
  • Social
  • Other governance related issues

More on how SSGA manage social, environmental and governance Issues together with their voting records »

The B&CE Shariah Fund is managed by HSBC.

See the HSBC Fund’s voting record .pdf

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