Investing your pension

When you save for the long term, like you do with your pension, we invest your money as this gives it a better chance of being worth more in the long run.

You don’t have to do anything

Unless you tell us otherwise, we automatically invest your money in our ‘balanced’ investment profile (we also call this our default investment profile).

You can find out more about our default investment profile on our investment webpages.

Or you can choose how your money is invested, if you want

You can choose other investment options through your Online Account if you want to.

There’s 3 investment profiles to pick from (‘balanced’, ‘cautious’ or ‘adventurous’). Or, for those who are more confident with investment decisions, you can self-select from our range of investment funds.

Understanding your investment options and investment risk

Investing simply means that rather than putting it into a bank account, your money buys investments, like stocks and shares.

If you want to decide for yourself how your pension savings are invested, it’s important to know that investment risk and investment return tend to be linked. Usually the higher the potential investment return, the greater the investment risks.

And the greater the risk, the more likely the investment is to go up and down in value over a short space of time – this is called volatility.

If you want to learn more and get involved with how your money is invested, understanding investment risk is a great place to start. Here’s two videos from Quietroom all about investment risk…

Find out more about investments at The People’s Pension

Head over to our investment webpages for information about:

  • your investment options in more detail
  • how to change your investment profile or self-select from our investment funds
  • the make-up, performance and objectives of our investment profiles and funds
  • how investments work at The People’s Pension.


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