How we look after your money

The People’s Pension is governed by a board of experienced, professional independent corporate trustee directors who put the interests of members, not providers, first. You can rest assured members’ interests lie at the heart of everything we do.

Good scheme governance

The People’s Pension is run by an independent corporate trustee that has responsibility for looking after all aspects of the scheme. The trustee will ensure that the scheme is run in the best interests of its members, and in accordance with the scheme rules and the law.

The trustee is also responsible for making sure the investment options are appropriate and the administration is first class.

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Investment performance

One of the key factors affecting the income you get from your pension account is investment performance.

The performance of your pension funds really does matter as it directly affects the income you get in retirement. It’s important to ensure you have sufficient resources to see you through your retirement years. And remember, we cannot predict how long we will live!

The scheme trustee and investment specialists regularly look at how the available funds are doing. If something needs changing they’ll change it. The trustee can’t tell you which investment is best for you, but they will do their best to make sure whichever investment you choose is performing as well as it can.

Of course, past performance is no guide to the future, but you should aim to make your investments work as hard as possible.

Statement of Investment Principles

The People’s Pension Trustee Limited has published a Statement of Investment Principles (SIP). It’s available for anyone to view and will help you to fully understand the trustee’s role.

Download The People’s Pension Statement of Investment Principles .pdf


The People’s Pension doesn’t stand still.

The scheme trustee will ensure that it continues to deliver what its members need and want from their pension scheme. It’s part of their duties as trustee of The People’s Pension.


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