Develop your service proposition

If you’re a payroll bureau, don’t run the risk of losing clients simply because you’re not geared up for auto-enrolment.

Driving your payroll business forward

By supporting your employer clients on their auto-enrolment journey, you have the opportunity to drive your business forward. The first thing you need to do is consider and develop your payroll auto-enrolment service proposition.

Research shows (NEST insight 2015) that of those small-medium employers looking for external help with auto-enrolment:

  • 73% expect to receive support as soon as they start to think about their preparation for auto-enrolment
  • 59% will turn to their accountant for support.

Be prepared to offer your support.

View presentation: How you can win new business (pdf)

Offer service models

Once you’ve taken your employer client through the 4 key steps to prepare them for auto-enrolment, we suggest you develop your service proposition further.

You could think about service models and consider offering tiered services:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

with different levels of service to suit your client.


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